NeoBux Review: Is it Worth Your Valuable Time? Let's Find Out

NeoBux Review: Is it Worth Your Valuable Time? Let’s Find Out

Before you even think about investing time on this site, we suggest you read our NeoBux Review first.

NeoBux Review 2017

We spent the last few days in the NeoBux program so we can help you make money on the web.

So let’s get started.

What is NeoBux?

We’ve reviewed similar websites and programs on CashCrate and InboxDollars, for instance.

Anyway, NeoBux is considered a PTC site. Which, essentially, is a little program that pays you for your clicks.

Neobux is actually considered to be one of the leaders in its PTC category.

How do you make money with NeoBux?

Neobux has 2 main money-making methods. Let’s check them out.

i. The Offers

After visiting their website the last few days, I’ve noticed they don’t have a lot offers for you to take.

There’s usually just one.


That’s not a good thing for you because it basically means you make less money.

ii. View Advertisements

NeoBux has dozens of advertisements. Some days even hundreds.

How do they work? you ask.

It’s pretty simple. Click the ad box, click the red dot, and you’re done. You get the reward.


Easy, right?

Yes. But did you notice how much you get per advert? $0.001.

That is only a tenth of a penny.

They do have others, though. They’re a little better. However, they’re still not even $0.01. Half that, actually. And they’re called “Mini Exposure” for a reason I don’t know.


And there are usually around 100 of them.

Better than the ones that only pay you a tenth of a cent. But still. You know?

iii. Get Referrals

Getting other people to join NeoBux sounds simple. But really, it’ll probably be one of the toughest things you’ll ever do.

To even start promoting NeoBux, you’ll have to be somewhat of an active member first.

They have these guidelines where you have to be 15 days in and have clicked on at least 100 ads.


My Personal NeoBux Review and Experience

There isn’t much to say. NeoBux is an alright PTC site. Just like Clixsense, which we reviewed here on iwannamakemoney before.

Would I recommend it?

Based on what I saw and experienced, NeoBux is in no way shape or form a scam. It’s a totally legit money-making program.

However, that doesn’t mean I would recommend it to my readers. I’ve not recommended 100% legit sites in the past.

And right now, NeoBux will fall into that list.

Why? It’s all because of the amount of time it would take you to earn a decent amount of money.

They don’t even give a whole cent to view one of their adverts. And in a day, there are only so many available to you.

Half a cent times 100 advertisements equals $0.50. That’s literally how much you’d make per day.

The Verdict is in…

NeoBux is not a scam. It’s a 100% legit PTC site.

But like I said…

I can not recommend the program to you.

It would just take you way too much time to earn some good money.

Here’s What I Recommend…

Start your own blog (website). There are so many opportunities when you have your own property on the web.

You can create and sell your own product, promote other people’s products (affiliate marketing), offer some special service, or even make money by displaying ads.

And if you compare the time you’d spend on NeoBux with the time it would take to make money with your own blog/website, the results can be crazy.

So with that said, I recommend you get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s why:

  • They’ll show you how to build a website and make money by promoting other people’s products.
  • They’ll provide you with the necessary tools. The domain name, web hosting, and website builder.

To get you started, I have the link to their 7-day free trial. You don’t even need to give away your card details or anything like that.

Just enter your name and email and you’ll be given full access to the whole thing for a week. Enough time to decide whether or not it’s for you.


Quick Note:  I learned how to build my first successful affiliate website from Wealthy Affiliate’s program. And today, I have more than one website making me a full-time online income.

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comments section below.

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