SFI Review: Can You Really Make Money With SFI?

SFI Review: Can You Really Make Money With SFI?

SFI Review

"SFI: Build Something Great"...That's the first thing you see when you land on their homepage.

What does it mean? I honestly have no idea.

They have almost nothing in their program that talks about creating something. But I guess they're talking about the "money" you can make with the SFI system.

Oh. Before I get carried away, we better end our SFI review introduction. Save some for the middle of this post, right?


So, shall we get started?

Let's do this.

SFI Review:​ What You Need to Know

Before we get locked and fully loaded, I'm gonna give you a quick peek at the whole SFI program. It's sort of like a TL;DR version of our full SFI review.

Check it out:​

SFI Marketing Group: At a Glance


What We Liked

  • You do not have to pay a dime to get inside (free account).
  • More than one way to earn money with SFI.
  • Support is OK.

What We Didn't Like

  • Training has nothing to do with building a real online biz.
  • No tools to help make you money.
  • SFI mostly deals with a points system (1 point = roughly $0.001).

SFI Summary

SFI is an online opportunity for those who wish to make money from wherever they want. Its founder, Gary Carson / Carson Marketing Group, and the SFI biz has been around since the early 2000's.

Which is pretty long, considering all the other related sites have either gone out of business or is super small time.

There is more than one way to make money with SFI. There's the points system, which takes a long ass time (to get enough for it to be worthwhile). There's the referral program, where you get others to sign up. And there's the TripleClicks affiliate program, where you get people to buy stuff at SFI's store.

If you're going into SFI with little to no experience in the online marketing world, SFI will only waste your valuable time.

Trust me. I went through it a couple years ago (more on this later).

Or check out iwannamakemoney.com's #1 recommendation.

My Review of SFI Marketing Group

In the spring of 2014, I wasn't where I am today. Not even close, actually. I was a total beginner. Like everyone else when they started out, I guess.

Yeah, everybody in blogging and online marketing starts as a newbie. Nobody is born an expert in this stuff. (Like most things in the world.)

The only experience I had was with a couple MLM pyramid schemes. (I was way at the bottom of those pyramids, by the way.)

MLM Pyramid

Image Source

And with SFI, it was, or is, sort of the same. Their whole system is like half multi-level marketing (MLM) and half affiliate marketing.

Does the SFI system work?​

It can. There is more than one way to make money with SFI. But it mostly comes down to how much points you get every month.

Yup. I said points.

SFI has these things called VersaPoints (I mentioned them in the TL;DR box). They're like poker chips at the casino. The more you get, the more you cash out.

But the thing about SFI's VersaPoints (VP for short) is they're not worth much. I mean one VP is less than a penny. Way less. 4000 VP is only about $2.50.

I know, right? It's crazy.​

So to make a decent amount of money with SFI, you'd need 1,600,000 VP per month​, which is around $1000.

And to get that much points, you'd first have to become​ an Executive Affiliate (EA), at least.

An EA​ is level 2 out of 7 in the SFI system.

There is:​

  • Affiliate - Level 1 (this is where you start)
  • Executive Affiliate - Level 2 (this is where you at least need to be to make real money)
  • Bronze Team Leader - Level 3
  • Silver Team Leader - Level 4
  • Gold Team Leader - Level 5
  • Platinum Team Leader - Level 6
  • Diamond Team Leader - Level 7

Each level has its own VP requirements. Meaning you'd have to get a certain amount of points to reach a level. And you'd have to do it every month because, at the end of each month, everybody's VP goes back to ZERO. (This sucks!)

Getting VersaPoints within SFI​

So we mentioned above that you'd need to generate around 1.6 million points every month to make decent money.

​OK. So what exactly would you need to do to accomplish this?

SFI has a couple ways to earn VP.

i. Complete daily tasks.

There are about a dozen tasks that you can do everyday. Each rewards you with 1 VP.

SFI Daily Tasks

So if you add it up, that's 12 points per day. That's not much. But multiply that by 30 days,​ you get over 300 points.

Still, 300 VP out of 1.6M VP per month is horrible.​

So, what's another way?...​

ii. Buy stuff at TripleClicks.

TripleClicks is SFI's version of eBay.​ They have just about every product category there. Even stuff that might "help build your online business".

Anyway, for every purchase you make at TripleClicks, SFI rewards you with some points.

The amount of points really depends on the product you buy and how much you paid for it.

Take this one for example:

"10,000 Visitors to your WEBSITE or BLOG"​

SFI TripleClicks Product Screenshot 1

For $20 and 10,000 random people who aren't likely to be interested in your website, you'd get a whopping 146 VP.

Considering the amount you'd need to make some real coin, that's not much. In fact, that's freaking garbage.

So then, what's another way to get some points...​

iii. Get people to signup with SFI and get them to generate points.

SFI has this thing called Matching VP.

SFI Matching VP

You can probably guess what it is...

It's where you get people to signup with SFI using your special link, and then getting them to generate as many points as they can. Then, whatever amount of points they get, you get too.

For instance, if you got your buddy (let's call him Bob) to join SFI and he generates 20,000 VP, you'd get the same amount of VP because he signed up using your special link.

So the more points-getting people you signup, the more VP you'll get. More points, more money.

But the thing about getting other people to join something is it's not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it would probably be one of the toughest things you'd ever do. Or try to do.

Without a website to market SFI, you'd either have to use social media or word-of-mouth.​ And if you're not a master networker or people person, this can be tough.

Oh. And the training thing...

SFI's training, which by the way isn't all the great, shows you how to "make money online". But really, it just shows you how to get VersaPoints.

And for every training lesson you finish, you'll get a quiz question. Answering it correctly will get you points. But not a lot.

SFI Training VP

You can get around 1000 VP once you're all done the lessons.

But the training VP is only a one-time thing. Meaning you won't be able to get these points in the next month (or the month after that...)

So basically, your best shot at making a killing with SFI's points program is by referring people and teaching them how to get a lot of points.

Is there another way to make money with SFI?

There is, of course, their online store. TripleClicks.

TripleClicks Review

There are 3 ways to earn with TripleClicks:

i. Get people to buy stuff.

This is the affiliate marketing part of SFI. And it's where you promote TripleClicks' products online using your special link and then getting paid a fraction every time you make a sale.

​To make good money doing this, you'd need a website/blog.

I won't get into website building and blogging. But all I can say is that you'd need to be trained. (Here's where I learned, BTW.)​ SFI doesn't have much training on building successful blogs and websites.

ii. Get people to sell stuff.

They have this thing where you get product owners to signup with TripleClicks so they can sell their stuff.

You'd get a small piece of​ every product they sell. Which sounds great, but getting actual product owners and companies to come signup with TripleClicks isn't exactly a walk in the park.

It'd probably be one of the toughest things you'd ever do. So I don't recommend it.

iii. Get your referrals to buy stuff.

​Your referrals would be the people you got to signup with your link.

Since these SFI members are your personal affiliates, you can earn 45% commission every time they buy something at TripleClicks.​

This is cool and all. But again, getting people to signup is tough.​

So, should I signup with SFI?

I'm gonna be honest...

Although I think SFI is totally legit, it is something I would not recommend to the iwannamakemoney community.

Why? Because we're all here to make money. Right? And making money with SFI would probably be one of the toughest things you'd ever have to do.

Wrapping up Our SFI Review

In our review, we didn't talk about the typical mumbo jumbo. We didn't go deep inside. We didn't exactly show you the specifics of the SFI Marketing Group.

Instead, we showed you what you really wanted to know...how you're supposed to make money with SFI.

What did we find out?​

We found out that it's nearly impossible to earn with SFI for someone who is just starting out in the world of online money.

You would have to try and get at least a million​ points to see some good money. But getting points isn't like taking candy from a baby. You'd have to try and get other people to join SFI and get them to generate thousands of points for you.

Even if you decide to go the TripleClicks route, you'd still have a hard time making money.

Since TripleClicks requires you to either sell their products OR get others to come sell theirs, making money for a beginner is highly unlikely. Why? Because you'd need a website to market TripleClicks. And they don't exactly have the website-building and marketing training for you to do that.

So. With all that being said, here's my final verdict:

SFI is definitely not a scam. But since their money-making system requires advanced skills and knowledge, I can not recommend this program to the readers of iwannamakemoney.

SFI Marketing Group: Our Last Look


$0 (but they have ways to get your money)

Overall Rating:

So, what now?


There's a site that's kinda like SFI. It's called Wealthy Affiliate. But instead of trying to make money from within, they actually teach you how to build a pro website and make money by selling whatever you want.

There's no MLM junk (they hate that). There's no awful points system. And there's no having to get other people to join so you can make money.

There's just you, your website, and the co-founder showing you what to do.

So, what do you say?

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