SmashFund Review: A Possible Scam in Disguise?

SmashFund Review: A Possible Scam in Disguise?

There seems to be a lot of noise around SmashFund. Which is why we felt the need to create our very own SmashFund review.

​Yeah, that’s right.

In this post, you will get the nitty gritty on what some people call…a must-take opportunity.

Is it really a "must-take opportunity?" Well, you're gonna have to read on to find out.​

​Here's What You'll Learn

  • What SmashFund exactly is.
  • How to earn with SmashFund.
  • If you should join SmashFund.
  • And then what to do.

Ready to get started?

Here we go:

SmashFund Review: Everything You Need to Know

SmashFund Review

What is SmashFund?

It calls itself the first social crowdfunding network. And I guess it is (or was). At the time they first announced their launch, they were the only one of its kind.

But, as you know, when something new or different comes out, there's likely more like it on the way.


The guy behind SmashFund is someone who may be familiar to some. Rob Towles.

He's been involved in shady/scammy MLM's before.

One of them was Efusjon. Which was a pyramid scheme that used energy drinks as their "product." It got shut down in 2010 after getting busted and sued.

And in 2013, another MLM pyramid scheme popped up and used the energy drinks program.

​Even though Rob didn't show he was behind the program, a DSA record had his name on it.

Today, the LabActive website is nowhere to be found.​

Quick Note: If you'd like to see a money-making opportunity that's been in business for 11 years, click here.

How Are You Supposed to Make Money with SmashFund?

The first thing is getting in. Which, at first glance, looks a little fishy because they ask for your mobile phone number and your credit card details.

But that's not all...

SmashFund is an invite-only program. In other words, you'll have to click on someone's affiliate link to be allowed in. (RED FLAG ALERT)

They do this because it's a pyramid scheme.

For every person that joins via invite, that person will be added to a never-ending pyramid.

Note: Pyramid schemes are designed to make the guys on top 90% of the money.​

MLM Pyramid

Image Source

Anyway, if you do join in, you'll have a couple ways to make money:

  • Get other people to join SmashFund.
  • Start a crowdfund campaign.

​Unless you're a seasoned expert marketer, both of these options will be a drag.

They don't even provide any real training on how​ to become successful with their methods.

So...Should You Join SmashFund?

At first glance, it looks like a legitimate money-making-opportunity. I mean, getting other people to give you money so you can pursue your passion? Of course, that sounds great.

They even have a revenue sharing program where they share 80% of all their revenue with you and the other members. That sounds pretty cool.

But underneath all that hype is a $149 pyramid scheme in disguise (hence the title of this post).​

​I can say this with 100% certainty:

SmashFund is not the opportunity for you.​

So If I Shouldn't Join SmashFund, What Should I Do?

There are some better ways to make money online. MLM isn't one of them.

One that I highly recommend: blogging. Which is basically starting a blog/website, attracting relevant visitors through your content, and offering some kind of product or service (which doesn't necessarily have to be yours.)

With that said, I'd like to invite you to a different program where it's 2/3's the price and provides 200% more.

Wealthy Affiliate. It's where I got started when I was a beginner more than 2 years ago. They're the reason why I'm not still living with my mom or grandparents.

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Wrapping it up

SmashFund is somewhat of a pyramid scheme. I hate pyramid schemes. They're scams designed to take money from newbies and pay the guys on top.

The signs are there...the invite-only being the most obvious.

So if I were you, I'd stay far away from this program.

Take my offer. Go for Wealthy Affiliate. I promise you that you won't get scammed.

Join now for free (no credit card needed)

Don't forget to share this with your friends so that they don't get scammed, too.

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