Wealthy Affiliate Review: Everything You Need to Know in 2018

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Everything You Need to Start Making Money

Wealthy Affiliate Review


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Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online membership site that teaches people how to build websites from scratch and make money by selling other people's products. They provide the tools, the training, and the support you would need to become successful online.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most reviewed internet marketing products right now. Most reviews are pretty good, but they don't exactly show you with proof if Wealthy Affiliate works or not.

So we are gonna give you the Wealthy Affiliate review you deserve.

Here's What You'll Learn

Are you ready to get started? Let's do this.

  • What Wealthy Affiliate is.
  • How you're supposed to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • If you should join Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer (including tools and training.)
  • How much their memberships are.
  • What others are saying about Wealthy Affiliate.
  • And then we'll wrap it up with a Pros and Cons.

IWMM's Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate icon

What is Wealthy Affiliate, Exactly?

It's unlike anything we've reviewed on here before, in terms of quality.

Wealthy Affiliate, WA for short, is an online marketing membership platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, or basically whoever wants to make money.

They offer everything you need to get started and even earn some money. From the website platform, the training, and more (more on this later).

WA was started in 2005 by co-founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. In over a decade of being in business, they've attracted over 300,000 members (and counting). And a great percentage of them have gone on to create full-time businesses online.

How Are You Supposed to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

WA's has a simple 4-step system to make money online that has been proven time and time again by a lot of their members.

It all has to do with building a website and promoting other people's products (aka affiliate marketing).

Here's how it works:​

  • Choose the (main) topic for your site.
  • Build your site (using their free state-of-the-art website builder).
  • Attract the right visitors by creating high-quality content and ranking them on page 1 of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. (Mostly Google, though.)
  • Make money by promoting other people's products to your visitors.

Let's talk a little more about that...

Step 1: Choose a Topic

The first step is to choose the main topic for your website. This could be anything. Literally.

It could be:

  • Weight loss / muscle building
  • Health/nutrition
  • Making money / online marketing / blogging
  • Parenting
  • Home appliances
  • Video games

Basically anything.

But they do recommend going with your passion, or at least something you're a little bit interested in.​

Why? Because if you go with something you're not that interested in, there's a real good chance you're gonna give up.

This was one of the mistakes I made in the beginning of my online marketing career. I chose weight loss as a niche (topic) one time. Particularly male breasts because of the potential it had (still has).

I created a whopping 1 blog post. I made an ugly -$200 (yup, that's a negative).

All because I had almost no interest in the moobs.​

So yeah. When you get to this step, be careful.​

Step 2: Build Your Website

​When you pick something you like, you'll then be taught to build a brand new website.

Yeah, it sounds like a sonofabitch,​ with the techy stuff and all, but it's pretty easy.

They actually provide you with everything you need for this, like:​

  • Domain name registrar (a domain name is like iwannamakemoney.com)
  • check-circle-o
    Web hosting (it's how your website will be live)
  • check-circle-o
    WordPress (it's basically for building out your website)
  • check-circle-o
    And everything a website needs to stay online and away from hackers.

They even provide unlimited email addresses for every domain you have with Wealthy Affiliate. That means you could get one that looks like this: yourname@domain.com, this: contact@domain.com, this: support@domain.com, and even this: youremployee@domain.com.

So yeah, they pretty much have​ your back on everything for website building.

Here's a grid that shows WA's hosting package (they call it SiteRubix).​

Wealthy Affiliate Websites and Hostiing

Step 3: Attract Website Visitors

Once your website is live, you'll need to get people to visit. Without website visitors (aka traffic) you won't make any money.

So, you'll be doing most of this by ranking your site in search engines like Google.​

How you'll rank? By creating lots and lots of high-quality content (blog posts, etc) and using white hat search engine optimization strategies.

They pretty much have everything you need to get started with website traffic. Even paid advertising, for those who're willing to invest in their success.​

Step 4: Make Money

So to make money, you'll have to promote other people's products to your visitors. This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, basically, is when you earn a commission (a cut) from selling, promoting, or recommending someone else's product or service.

A commission can net you anywhere between 1% and 50%, usually. Sometimes even higher. This, of course, depends on the product owners (aka merchants).

How exactly do you get people to buy what you're promoting?

Well, there are several ways to do this. The most popular and perhaps efficient are product reviews, comparisons, and tutorials.

That's basically it.

Would you like to get started? (create your account here for free, no credit card needed)

Should I Become a Wealthy Affiliate? Why or Why Not?

I can say this with 100% certainty:

If you join WA and work hard and follow their system, you can earn enough money to call it full-time.

Why? Because their 4-step system simply works.

Want some proof? No problem...

PROOF That Wealthy Affiliate Works

Meet Colton:​

Colton Wealthy Affiliate Member

He's a young man who's always had a vision for having massive success. So, he brought his vision to life.

In late 2014, he found WA, took their training, and followed their system. A year later, he was earning 5 figures a month.

Colton's Wealthy Affiliate Earnings Worth $10K

Even I had some success with WA...

I had this site I built following their system that was making a little over a hundred bucks a month.

My Wealthy Affiliate Payment Screenshot

I don't own it anymore. Not because I couldn't. But because I wanted to pursue other online projects, like creating my own products and building other sites (like this one).

So, a while ago, I sold it for $1000. Which might've been a little low, considering the amount it was earning, but I simply needed the fast cash.​

My 1K Earnings

So yeah, WA's system works. If you follow it, you will be successful.

Start your own money-making website now!

Quick Note: If you'd like a look inside the WA platform, read on...

Wealthy Affiliate Has Plenty to Be Excited About

Wealthy Affiliate's Tools and Training

The Internet Marketing Training

The Wealthy Affiliate Training

WA has tons of training and tutorials. We'll get to these later, but the ones I wanna talk a bit about are their main training programs.

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification

This is the training program you'll be directed to upon joining.

It's made up of 5 full courses, each with their own 10 lessons.

Every lesson is task-based. Meaning you can't move onto other lessons without completing the required tasks.

WA Task Based Training

This is great for you because it sort of forces you to follow their system. And you know what I said about their system, right? Stick to it and you will be successful.

Anyway, let's take a look at their first course.​

WA Get Started Training

This is the one everybody starts at. Even Starter Members are allowed to finish it.

Course #1 is all about 2 things:

1, getting to know how to use the Wealthy Affiliate website. And 2, getting your own website up and running.​

Once you go through the whole 10-lesson course, you'll have a website that looks something like this:​

Site Made With WA

Of course, yours will look a whole lot better. 10x better, in fact.

The example above was just something I whipped up in 5 mins.

Anyway, there is more...

Wealthy Affiliate Training OEC

The image above is a screenshot of WA's main training program.

The one below it, Affiliate Bootcamp, is the one we'll talk about next.

2. The WA Affiliate Bootcamp

This is almost exactly like the first training program. But with a few differences:

  • If you can't think of a main topic for your site, you'll be taking this training.
  • check-circle-o
    It's 2 full courses longer, but that's because it teaches you paid traffic (which is paying money for website visitors).
  • check-circle-o
    It teaches you how to build a site that promotes Wealthy Affiliate. So that means your site's main topic will have to be online marketing (or making money, in general).

So basically, you'd be creating a website like this one (iwannamakemoney.com).

The Member-Created Training

Yup. You read that right. Member-created.​

When any member reaches their third month, they gain access to WA's training creator. And for each tutorial, video, or course you create, you get a minimum $5.

The real amount of money you make per training depends on how many members read it, like it, and comment.

Right now, there is training on practically every basic topic there is. So if you ever need help with the little things, you're probably almost always covered.

WA Member Training

Example of a member's training tutorial.

The Weekly Webinar

These are always great.

The weekly marketing webinar is done by Jay Neill of Affiliate Resources Inc., who is part of the WA Team.

Every week, Jay brings a new topic related to helping you build your website. This could be about writing content, getting ranked in Google, or making money. Anything.

WA Live Webinar Training

The SiteRubix Platform

SiteRubix is your one stop shop for building websites. You have the domain names, the web hosting, the website support, and even your very own business email (ex: julian@iwannamakemoney.com).

Pretty cool, huh?

Let's take a look at some of those...​


Wealthy Affiliate's SiteRubix

Your SiteManager is where you manage all your websites, obviously.

This page will have the list of all your websites and their details.​

Domain Names and Web Hosting

The domain and web hosting are how your website is created and put out there for everyone to see.

And most of the time, you have companies that specialize in this. Meaning their businesses are domain registrars and web hosting services.

But since the guys behind WA wanted to create the ultimate one-stop shop, they did the unimaginable. They bought everything you need to build a successful website business.

WA SiteDomains
WA Site Hosting

SiteComments and SiteFeedback

These are 2 awesome features that help your website.

SiteComments, which is a credit-based commenting system where you can request comments for your blog posts and offer ​them for credits.

You give comments, you get comments.​

WA SiteComments

SiteComments feature.

SiteFeedback is a system where you request feedback on your site's design or content from other members. It works just like SiteComments.

WA SiteFeedback

SiteFeedback examples.

These 2 WA features are definitely worth using if you do become a member.


This is one of my favourite features out of the whole WA platform. The free email system for your domains.

WA SiteEmail

The email inbox looks pretty old school, but it's all good. It gets the job done.

WA Webmail

You don't really have to use the web browser inbox. You could set up Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and even your desktop/mobile apps to receive and send emails from your account.


Getting help and support when there's something wrong with your website is super easy.

First, you tell them you need help. Then you let them know which of your sites need help and the category of your problem. And finally, you type in your question.​

WA SiteSupport

And depending on the support team's workload, you can expect help within a few hours. Most of them time within minutes.

Support will either give you tips or instructions for fixing your issue. And sometimes, if it's super advanced, they'll go into your website and do it themselves.

Cool, huh?​

The Never-Ending Help and Support

The Interactive Community

Everybody within the WA community are real human beings. Most of them are just like you...they're there to make money.

​A lot of them are active. They're friendly. And even though they don't know that much more than you do, they help in any way they can.

The cool thing about them, though, is they support each other like crazy.​

For example, whenever a member creates a new blog post within WA, you can bet that dozens of other members are there reading and interacting.

WA Community (Comments)

Members supporting each other in the blog comments.

The 24/7 Live Chat

The live chat system inside WA is awesome. It seems like every time I pop by there's already a discussion or two going on.

This was my favourite thing about WA when I first joined because of how much I knew about online marketing and building websites. Which was almost nothing.

Yeah. So I was pretty much constantly on live chat asking questions and taking notes.

​So when you become a WA member, go to the live chat whenever you need help with something.

WA Live Chat

The Support Ticket System​

We already talked about the SiteSupport system a couple minutes ago.

WA's Membership Pricing

So there are 2 different memberships within WA:

The Starter Membership and the Premium Membership.​

The Starter Membership -  which is $0 for life, and you get access to everything for only a limited time. 7 days, to be exact.

The Premium Membership -​ which is $47 per month, and you get everything for as long as you stay a paying member.

Get Started Now For FREE

What Other People Are Saying...

In a Wealthy Affiliate review from AffiliMarketer, more than a dozen people shared their opinions on WA. ALL of them has positive thoughts. (You can check it out here)

If that doesn't say something good about what WA does for its members, then maybe the dozens of positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews will.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews on Google Search

Wrapping it up

Wealthy Affiliate is most certainly not a scam. In fact, it's one of the most legitimate "make money" products out there.

​And I've shown you how it works, why it works, and even a quick peak inside.

So, I'm gonna leave you with the pros and cons and, of course, my overall rating.​

Wealthy Affiliate


  • High quality training.
  • check-circle-o
    All-in-one website platform.
  • check-circle-o
    Plenty of help and support.
  • check-circle-o
    1-on-1 coaching available if needed.
  • check-circle-o
    Potential to earn lots of money.


  • Depending on the amount of work you put in, it may take a while to earn $$$.
  • The platform can get overwhelming.
  • The WA community can be distracting.

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